Interview with Renard Press

31 July 2023

As part of South Asian Heritage Month, 2023, I was delighted to speak to Renard Press about my writing and the inspiration behind Still Lives.

To See A World In A Grain Of Sand : Interview With Reshma Ruia

23 May 2023

Interview by Paul Spalding-Mulcock

‘Emotionally nuanced, character-driven and suffused with surgically sharp psychological observation, her delicately modulated prose and poetry gravitate around identity as both a concept, and a kinetic force shaping lived reality… Her latest novel, Still Lives was published recently and has firmly established her in my mind as a deeply exciting and significant authorial voice.’

Interview with Priyanka Purkaystha

23 March 2023

A conversation about writing across genres, about families and displacement, and how an individual negotiates their way without getting lost. My interview with Priyanka Purkaystha, a Berlin-based book blogger.

From First Page to Last

12 December 2022

A Q&A with Janet Emson about the writing process, the meaning of fame and the one book I could read for the rest of my life.

The Writers’ Corner

16 November 2022

It was a pleasure to talk to Joy Francis, the founder of Words of Colour. We shared our love of the short story genre and writing about everyday heroes on the margins of history and discussed how Still Lives, was subverting the narrative around diaspora fiction.

The Asian Writer

7 December 2021

“I find identity and belonging to be very fluid and dynamic terms. I have lived across continents, languages and cultures and my sense of who I am or where I belong is constantly shifting. Rather than bricks and mortar, or a physical construct- my sense of belonging depends on my emotional attachment to a place, a sense or a feeling.”

We’d Like A Word

14 April 2021

Writers Weekend festival (part 1): Novelist & poet Reshma Ruia, literary agent John Baker of Bell Lomax Moreton, writing mentor Adrienne Dines & festival organiser Sara Gangai all talk to We’d Like A Word presenters Paul Waters & Stevyn Colgan about the UK’s prime gathering for unrepresented authors to find an agent.

Interview with Chris Ord


Chris is an acclaimed writer with his roots firmly in the north. It was fun to feature on his blog and talk about my proudest moment as a writer, my heroes in real life and in fiction and which writer I would love to meet dead or alive.

Lost Souls Monologues

23 November 2020

Soul Sisters. A lonely, 40-something Mancunian woman, Suman Bakshi, discovers a beautiful connection to an author. If only they could meet…

Written by Reshma Ruia | Directed by Liam Shea | Performed by Avita Jay

Lost Souls Monologues on iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher | Google Podcasts | Amazon Music | Twitter: @LostSoulsM | Instagram: @lost_souls_monologues | Website

DesiBooks Episode 11

17 June 2020

In today’s DesiBooks episode, in addition to the usual roundup of new notable desi books, short stories, poems, essays, interviews, awards, and more, we have Dr. Maya Shanbhag Lang in the #DesiReads segment reading from her new memoir, What We Carry. We also have Dr Reshma Ruia talking about her new poetry collection, A Dinner Party in the Home Counties, in our #DesiBooksGiveaway this week.

The episode transcript and all links are here: Twitter: @DesiBooks. Instagram: @desi.books. Email:

iamb poets: poetry seen and heard

1 May 2020 | Wave 2 of poets

Part directory of poets, part quarterly journal, ‘iamb’ is where established and emerging talents are showcased side by side. Not just their words but their readings of them, too.

LSE Literary Festival 2017 | Writing Short Stories and Poetry: From Laptop to Bookshop

 25 February 2017 | 1 Hour 4 Minutes

Speaker(s):Reshma Ruia, Kavita Jindal, CG Menon

Are two heads better than one? Writing is by definition a solitary and insular occupation, but this creative writing session explores the benefits of a collaborative approach to writing.

We will draw upon our own experience in writing our anthology, ‘Love across a Broken Map’ to provide an interactive session that examines the process of putting together an anthology, from the inception of an idea to workshopping stories, to choosing titles and cover designs and finally the challenges of marketing and publicity.

Literary Festival 2012: The Art of ‘Relating Cultures’ with Reshma Ruia

03 March 2012 | 52 Minutes

In this session she will discuss the ways of writing about different cultures- the importance of plot, portrayal of character and narrative voice- as well as what her transition from academic, social scientific culture to a literary one has meant for her writing.

Literary Festival 2012: Modernity’s Contents and Discontents in India and Pakistan

 01 March 2012 | 1 Hour 25 Minutes

Speaker(s):Patrick French, Reshma Ruia, Kamila Shamsie

The panellists will discuss and compare the political, social and economic trajectories of India and Pakistan since independence through the lenses of the social sciences and of literature.

Another Life – ‘a caustic tale of abandoned dreams

Matthew Parris Interview.  BBC Radio 4 – Off the Page, Multicultural Britain 2004

Woman’s Hour with Jenni Murray – Other children’s houses – 09 December 2004

Coping with different house-rules

Many parents will have heard the cry “so and so’s mum lets her stay up late, why can’t I?” So how do you cope when your precious ones go and stay at their friends’ houses and discover that not everybody has the same rules as you do? And what are the benefits for them of seeing other families in action.

Jenni talks to Dr Rachel Calam, clinical child psychologist at Manchester University and novelist, Reshma Ruia.

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