“A writer’s work should stand on its own and not with labels”

– Reshma Ruia,
Kitaab, 4 January 2017 

“It is not ‘good’ or ‘bad’ that interests me as a writer, but the murkiness of human experience and the consistent imperfections of our lives.”

– Elizabeth Strout

My poetry book, A Dinner Party in the Home Counties, was published on 25 October and can be ordered from Skylark Publications, Waterstones, Foyles, Amazon UK, Amazon India, Amazon USA and Walmart.

The Manchester University’s Centre for New Writing review of A Dinner Party in the Home Counties.

Praise for the book

“You will be pleased at discovering award winning poet Reshma Ruia. Her voice is intimate and confident. Her poetry shines bright. Reshma lures the reader into her world through a vivid imagination. From the empty bed of an accountant to the code of 1947 Reshma’s skill is in how she paints pictures with words which become whole landscapes and scenes in one’s imagination. She ignites the reader. I feel I am reading someone whom everyone will be reading in future. Read her now! “

– Lemn Sissay, MBE, Winner of the Pinter Prize for poetry, 2019 and author of ‘My Name Is Why.’

“It is highly unusual, and therefore incredibly exciting, to read post-colonial poetry that can best be described as quirky, even playful. In this strange, provocative and often powerful collection, form, content and style create difference and otherness, they don’t just explore it thematically. Every time you think you’re reading yet another poem about identity or the shape of current Britain, you realise you’re simultaneously in the presence of a witty, clever and original writing-mind. I found myself wanting to simply say, despite the humour, important messages, and striking imagery, I really like this – because it’s the exact opposite of whatever stale, obvious, is.”

– Todd Swift

“Reshma Ruia has an enviable knack of finding the telling detail in the scenes she so vividly portrays: the overheard fragment of conversation, the image creeping into the eye line, the interaction that lasts a moment and yet a lifetime too. In deceptively simple language, Ruia’s poems remind us how often we are strangers to others – and ourselves as well.”

– Rishi Dastidar

“There’s a fierce energy in Reshma Ruia’s poetry. Her incantatory and conversational tone belies her social and human concerns. Her rhythmic control is amazing, sustained in her assertive voice and language. This debut collection everyone should read—the sooner the better. Captivating!”

– Cyril Dabydeen

A peripatetic childhood that spans India, Italy, France and Britain. I am at home nowhere and everywhere, a magpie, cherry-picking facts and fables from every culture and society. It’s what writers do – everything is material. We are scavengers and creators. Our roots are portable. Our imagination infinite.

I have a PhD and Masters (Distinction) in Creative Writing and Critical Thought from Manchester University and postgraduate (Distinction) and undergraduate degrees from the London School of Economics.

Born in India, but brought up in Italy, my narrative portrays the inherent tensions and preoccupations of those who possess a multiple sense of belonging.

I am Fiction Editor of Jaggerylit.com.

Guest Book Reviewer Words of Colour

My favourite authors are Raymond Carver, Elizabeth Strout and Jhumpa Lahiri.

Reshma Ruia, the UN Economist – turned Writer
Asian Voice, 3 November 2014


These poems welcome you in with stories bursting under the surfaces then beckon you back to linger on lives fully inhabited. I don't know how @RESHMARUIA captures so many facets in such a slim volume, but I do know that I enjoyed the reflection from each one.

Welcome back Olive! Excited to be reading Olive, Again by @LizStrout . This book has it all- tenderness, loneliness, compassion and self acceptance. #amreading

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