‘’These stories explore areas of conflict in contemporary life – the modern versus the traditional or the individual versus the group or the ethical versus the practical. They dramatize the choices made and the effect of these choices on individual lives that are memorably evoked with care and sympathy.’’
Colm Toibin

“A thrilling, deeply human collection. By turns life affirming and illuminating. “
Irenosen Okojie

“Reshma Ruia’s stories are quiet miracles, each of them bringing a sense of sheer accomplishment in both plot and prose. She explores the world of the voiceless, effortlessly bringing to life narratives, which have too often been disregarded. She is a writer of immense power, and her polished, playful sentences take the reader through complex and often heart-breaking human relationships. These stories expand the canon of British Asian literature, crossing cultural boundaries and presenting an innovative and exciting portrayal of modern life.”
Catherine Menon

Mrs Pinto Drives to Happiness – published on 12 October 2021
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A lonely woman develops an unhealthy obsession with a celebrity writer. A young man attends the funeral of his gay lover. A feisty woman escapes a life of domestic drudgery. Reshma Ruia’s stories feature characters who confront ageing, love and loss with anger, passion and quiet defiance. They are in search of new beginnings and old certainties; everyday people whose lives oscillate between worlds – geographical, cultural, and emotional – in a constant flux, shaped and reshaped by an imperative to anchor to a map or a feeling.

A thoughtful review of Mrs Pinto Drives to Happiness is featured in the EasternEye 8 October 2021.


A peripatetic childhood that spans India, Italy, France and Britain. Reshma Ruia is at home nowhere and everywhere, a magpie, cherry-picking facts and fables from every culture and society. It’s what writers do – everything is material. They are scavengers and creators. Their roots are portable. Their imagination infinite.

She has a PhD and Masters (Distinction) in Creative Writing and Critical Thought from Manchester University and postgraduate (Distinction) and undergraduate degrees from the London School of Economics.

Born in India, but brought up in Italy, her narrative portrays the inherent tensions and preoccupations of those who possess a multiple sense of belonging.

She is Fiction Editor of Jaggerylit.com.

Guest Book Reviewer Words of Colour.

Her favourite authors are Raymond Carver, Elizabeth Strout and Jhumpa Lahiri.

Reshma Ruia, the UN Economist – turned Writer
Asian Voice, 3 November 2014

Interview with Chris Ord.

From First Page to Last. A Q&A with Janet Emson about the writing process, the meaning of fame and the one book I could read for the rest of my life. Posted on 12.01.22

“Displacement emotional or geographical is a predicament of our times. We are more interconnected yet lonelier than ever.”

– Reshma Ruia,
Kitaab, 4 January 2017 

“It is not ‘good’ or ‘bad’ that interests me as a writer, but the murkiness of human experience and the consistent imperfections of our lives.”

– Elizabeth Strout

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