“A writer’s work should stand on its own and not with labels”

– Reshma Ruia,
Kitaab, 4 January 2017 

“It is not ‘good’ or ‘bad’ that interests me as a writer, but the murkiness of human experience and the consistent imperfections of our lives.”

– Elizabeth Strout

A peripatetic childhood that spans India, Italy, France and Britain. I am at home nowhere and everywhere, a magpie, cherry-picking facts and fables from every culture and society. It’s what writers do – everything is material. We are scavengers and creators. Our roots are portable. Our imagination infinite.

I have a PhD and Masters (Distinction) in Creative Writing and Critical Thought from Manchester University and postgraduate (Distinction) and undergraduate degrees from the London School of Economics.

Born in India, but brought up in Italy, my narrative portrays the inherent tensions and preoccupations of those who possess a multiple sense of belonging.

I am Fiction Editor of Jaggerylit.com.

Guest Book Reviewer Words of Colour

My favourite authors are Raymond Carver, Elizabeth Strout and Jhumpa Lahiri.

Reshma Ruia, the UN Economist – turned Writer
Asian Voice, 3 November 2014


There are moments in your life when you need to reach out for a story by Jhumpa Lahiri to silence the storm within. #jhumpalahiri #interpreterofmaladies #shortstories

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